Company Profile

Who We Are

IKONA Drafting is a progressive detail oriented company utilizing the latest software tools to help produce accurate and eye-pleasing design drawings that we’ll ultimately be proud to add our name to. We presently specialize in shop fabrication drawings for the Industrial, Commercial, Architectural, Mill, Mining and Pollution Control segments of their respective industries. However, we are moving towards an expanded reach of further disciplines.

Our Mission

The IKONA Drafting mission is to produce a quality end-product in a timely manner within a positive, progressive, rewarding, rich environment for both our employees and our clients.

Our Vision

The IKONA Drafting vision is to provide an optimistic environment. We will work to promote positive growth and offer training that exceeds the expectations of our employees. This positive outlook for the future will be reflected in our work and our clients’ own expectations will be exceeded in every aspect of their association with IKONA Drafting.

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