Leadership Team

IKONA's Personnel

IKONA has a team of technical drafting personnel with sufficient practical experience to handle any of your drafting needs.  While the main core of our expertise is in Shop Detailing, we have years of experience in all Engineering disciplines.

We work hard to create a working environment that combines the knowledge and experience of everyone involved.  We make use of all resources available and contacts built up over the years through our experience.  Through this philosophy, we strive to build a cohesive team guided by communication and pride in its work.

Internally, IKONA  has incorporated a drafting procedure policy with strict standards in which our Team members are to adhere to.  However, we still remain flexible to meet the individual needs of every client.  We have a team of individuals with a good eye for detail and proper work ethics

Offering you unparalleled quality and service.
Remaining flexible to meet the individual needs of every client.

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