Attention to detail is paramount

Attention to detail is paramount


IKONA Drafting is a multi-discipline drafting services company. We work with a myriad of customers and apply our experience and resources to help any and all clients. We facilitate any static idea by conveying the idea with drawings, models, renderings or any type of visual aid necessary.

IKONA offers unparalleled quality and service while remaining flexible to meet the individual needs of every client. We currently specialize in structural shop detailing. Our vested interests are in the Shop Fabrication, Industrial and Mining industries providing detail drawings to fabrication companies across North America

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 IKONA Drafting has a full-service drafting office that provides a diverse and comprehensive menu of services. These services extend far beyond the traditional paper drawings of years past. We have the full ability to turn any idea, pencil sketch or concept rendering into reality. We are customer focused and strive to create loyalty through the pursuit of continuous improvement and innovation.

One Project Coordinator is assigned and dedicated to your project and all correspondence will filter through that one person. This reduces the chance of error or duplication, facilitating a more efficient project.

The Industries we serve:

Mining  |  Manufacturing and Processing  |  Grain Handling and Fertilizer  |  Commercial  |  Industrial
Shop Detailing
Engineering Drafting
Phase Scanning

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