Turning Vane Plates

Located in: for Pullution Control Ductwork
To help protect our environment, governments are currently asking that the people work towards creating a cleaner environment. In-turn, businesses are forced to spend millions on cleaning the by-products of their manufacturing processes before releasing it back into the environment.

Engineers have been working diligently to try to create processes that will help in the pollution control segments of manufacturing and power producing facilities. We have been involved with a number of these projects.

We work directly with the fabrication facility that has been awarded the job to supply the structural and miscellaneous metals to facilitate the project. Below are some samples of projects that we have been involved with. They represent “Turning Vanes” that are used in large 20’-0” square ducting. The turning vanes were designed in such a way that they could be added to existing ducting on site. The purpose of the turning vanes is to guide the flow of the product that will be flowing through the ducts.

These projects had strict deadlines that could not be missed as the downtime costs would be astronomical.

Turning Vane #1

Turning Vane #2

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