Rougher & Scavenger Flotation Cells

Located in: Mosaic Potash Esterhazy K-2
Potassium is one of the three basic plant nutrients along with nitrogen and phosphorus. Potassium compounds are essential to maintain and expand food production. Potash is extracted from buried ancient evaporites by underground or solution mining. About 95% of potash produced worldwide is used in agriculture. The rest is found in other industrial uses like glass manufacturing, soaps, and plastics.

Since potash ores contain water-soluble salts, flotation has to be carried out in saturated brine, a highly concentrated electrolyte system. Both coarse and fine material are floated using conventional flotation cells.

In 2009, IKONA was commissioned to provide detailed design construction drawings for both Rougher and Scavenger Flotation Cells along with their numerous and various components. These cells are to be fabricated in various quantities to replace aging existing cells, and to add new cells to suit the expansion plans of the K-2 Mine at Mosaic Potash Esterhazy.

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