Red Product Expansion – Tripper Gallery

Located in: PCS Cory, Saskatchewan
The Red Product Expansion project began in 2008 for PotashCorp’s Cory potash mine located 7 kilometres west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The project’s purpose was to increase production, storage, rail car loading capacities for the existing mill, and to produce red products which are refined from potash in the form of fertilizer used in worldwide crop production. The end-game was to increase capacity at Cory to 2.0 million tonnes and, combined with other announced projects in Saskatchewan, to raise PotashCorp’s total production capability to 13.5 million tonnes by the second quarter of 2010.

The entire project encompassed the construction of a new ore bin, process mill, head frame, various galleries, bents, transfer towers, underground crash steel, measuring flasks, surge bin, additions to existing buildings, and renovating parts of the existing mill. The estimated amount of steel needed for the entire project scope grew to over 19,000 tons.

In 2009, IKONA was awarded the Tripper Gallery structure portion of the project.

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