Platform Steel

Located in: for the Potash Industry
The world uses Potash to add nutrients to the soil to promote healthy and full crops. As the world continues to grow, the need for more Potash is inevitable. Potash suppliers are forced to expand to meet the growing needs of the world’s supply and demand.

Luckily for us, Saskatchewan has some of the best quality, not to mention largest deposits of Potash. It only makes sense to develop the Potash refineries near the Potash deposits to save on transportation costs.

As the Potash companies continue to grow and develop better systems for refining the raw Potash to a sellable commercial grade, they have to modify the refineries layout and equipment. In-turn, they need quality engineering drawings to design the plants systems around. Then they can go out to suppliers for the equipment and the structural steel.

Our clients supply the Potash industry with structural steel for modifications and plant expansions. Our clients utilize our years of experience in the shop detailing industry to supply clean, clear and precise drawings that will make the installation and erection of the structural steel smooth and as error free as is humanly possible.

The images below show some structural steel installations that have been incorporated at some of the mine sites in Saskatchewan.

Platform Close Up


Entire Model 3 Platforms

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